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What Is Fam Anon Actually?

A worldwide organisation of friends and family members influenced by someone else's substance abuse, or similar problems, is called Family Anonymous. It has groups, which grow throughout the whole nation and meet frequently. If someone is worrying about another individual's abuse then they are advised to attend one of the meetings.

Fam Anon was founded by a group of American families in 1971. In the United Kingdom, the first group started operating in 1980, and currently, there are over 50 groups in different parts of the country.

The Fam Anon is a self-sustained organisation which methods are based on the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions programme created by Alcoholics Anonymous.

How Can It Help?

Fam Anon groups provide a platform for members to share drug and alcohol abuse concerns, learn from encouragement and experience from group members' in dealing with the delicate issue of challenges of family member's addiction. The group members learn how to come to terms with the problem disturbing their lives.

The broader mean of helping family and friends simply implies helping them in critical situation in drug and liquor addiction.

Group meetings encourage addicts to learn from others experience how to quit addiction. Sharing of concerns and difficulties stirs individuals in the group to take a stand against drugs.

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For The Professional Community

Peer group pressure in society causes prevalent use of drugs leading to catastrophic effect on families and friends of drug users if the situation is not controlled. Persons, whose family members or close friends are dependent on drugs or alcohol suffer psychological and quite often even physical pain as they watch how dependency destroys their loved ones, and they can't do anything to help them. Families Anonymous, presents assistance to drug addicts parents, partners, relatives and friends.

Families Anonymous (FamAnon) is a fellowship based on self-help that has spread across the world in which loved ones of drug addicts and those with behavioural issues gather. A few Los Angeles families started Fam Anon in the United States in 1971 and adopted 12 Steps of Alcoholic Anonymous as their core principles. There are about 50 groups around the United Kingdom now, while 1st one was created in London in 1980.

The major aim of this group is to handle and help people especially families and friends who have drugs issues. It provides ways for these individuals to find a sense of serenity and to put their lives back together.

FamAnon gets their work done in several different ways. Fam Anon group members draw strength from sharing common goals. Membership is free, so is meeting attendance. FamAnon does not ask for, neither accepts any money from sources outside of the organisation. Volunteers run the office and contributions from meetings and sale of Fam Anon literature cover the day to day office management running costs.

Fam Anon is a anonymous program where just first names are utilised.

Attendees try to understand how to cope with the issues that are disrupting their lives in these Fam Anon groups.

Members adopt an honest and consistent approach towards the addict by attending meeting. As a result of this, drug abusers often decide to search for help as they start to want to live drug-free life.

Results from our past work indicate that by helping friends and family members of an addict, we are also helping the drug abuser.

Copies of helpful literature are obtainable at minimal service charge by experts in positions of responsibility to reach out to those in need yet unaware of Fam Anon running helpful program activities at hand.